Winston here from Iowa. I just wanted to see if you would like any extra focused traffic or online help in any capacity, no matter what it takes from my end. I've been doing this for over twenty-two years and love it - social growth on autopilot, bulk email campaigns using my targeted addresses - I have (over 400 million), programming, video creation/editing, AI integrations to automate anything you can think of. I even have ways to make interactive video emails/web pages without you having to get in front of a camera or even speak. I've also been helping people migrate all of their current hosting and domains over to a provider that doesn't charge you per hosting account, SSL certificate, or email addresses - for one price of around 5 dollars a month, yes, unlimited everything and you've heard of them. I can move yours over too and save you quite a bit in time for the holidays. If you're paying anything more than that you're throwing your money away. It amazes me that no one else is helping others quite like I do. There's no cost on my end for ninety percent of this except for my time starting at 99 a month. I don't mean to impose; I was just curious if I could lend a hand. So, if you need any extra help in any capacity, be it marketing, online help of any sort, etc. please let me know either way as I value your time and don't want to pester you. All the best, Winston Cell - 1-319-435-1790‬ Site -